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Feb 7 '13

Marvel To Publish Rogue and She-Hulk Novels

USA Today reports today that Marvel will be pushing novels this summer focusing on two its most popular female superheroes, Rogue and She-Hulk. The books, out in June from Hyperion, will focus on the private lives of the characters. 

If they sound like romance novels you wouldn’t be that far off based on the comment by Hyperion editor in chief Elisabeth Dyssegaard:

"These books delve into what happens if dating challenges also include turning huge and green or having a lethal touch, offering readers a unique perspective on superpowered high drama."

But here’s the most interesting part of the story. Read this:

Dyssegaard says they definitely want women readers but also comic fans, too. "The X-Men have long been a popular superhero team for decades, and part of that success story has been the appeal of Rogue, who resonates with our male and female comic-book fans,"

So wait. Marvel admits they HAVE female fans? And has come up with a way to present those characters in way that will tap into new fans - potentially lots of female fans? 

Imagine that.

There were a series of similarly styled novels based the TV shows Lois and Clark and Smallville but, again, those were based on the TV show not on the comics. 

I know I’ll give these a read. I wish DC would do a series like this as well.

What DC character would you like to see get their own novel?

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    Oh wow! I’m definitely going to check out Rogue’s book! And don’t get me started on what other character I’d want to...
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    I’d read a She-Hulk novel. I mean, way to get me to read, Marvel.
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    Basically! Any girl nerdy enough to be interested in comics is going to know that you can get fanfic online, for free,...
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    I find it really interesting that they chose those two images for covers. Regardless of the actual content it’s clear...
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    i honestly can’t decide how i feel about this. because on one hand it’s like YAY SHULKIE honestly i want jennifer...
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    I mean, I’ve said things like how I want the Winter Soldier film to be Bucky and Natasha on a trans-Siberian post-Red...
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    I’m proud to say I have reared a nerd. My daughter saw this and was “Ooo, Mom I want the Rogue book.”
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    I love these covers and I will probably buy the Rogue one…
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