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Feb 10 '13

Snowed In Sunday: Comics Stuff to Read

Here’s some things from around the Internets that may be of interest to readers of this blog:

Noah Berlatsky of the Hooded Utililarian has a piece on the new 52 Wonder Woman in the Atlantic. I don’t agree with all of it but it’s an interesting read. The comments are particularly fascinating as someone seems to have wandered off the #Ineedmasculismbecause tag of twitter.

Becky Cloonan, a very talented artist who I’ve been lucky to interview in the past, was profiled by Oprah. Looks like the angle of first woman to draw Batman has stuck.

The lack of black writers at both DC and Marvel is the topic of a powerful essay by Comics Alliance editor Joe Hughes. I’m happy to see CA is continuing to address issues on gender and race under his regime. I’m sad, but not surprised, to see the level of dumbness these articles attract in the comments.

I’m all for Wonder Woman getting mentioned in non-comics outlets and not that I wouldn’t be open to Beyonce as Wonder Woman but but this article on Beyonce Auditioning as Wonder Woman during the Super Bowl has to be the silliest article I’ve read this week. And don’t read the comments.

The sales of some of those new female led titles are not that good. Brett White discusses on CBR. I’ll just add that if you are someone who has bemoaned the lack of female creators and characters in comics and you’re illegally downloading these new titles you need to rethink your strategy.

As born and bred Bostonian it was fund to read about superheroes and their connection to Boston. 

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    Okay so, if I may. I think *part* of the issue here is not that women are less avid comic book fans. Or that they don’t...
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    DC Women Kicking Ass linked to my latest CBR article about supporting books with female leads. That’s great! I now give...
  4. iamjoetate said: Mary Mitchell drew a great mini series Gotham Nights, written by John Ostrander…who later gave us Oracle in Suicide Squad. She was the first woman I remember to draw a Batman comic.…
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  6. iamlainface said: As a general life rule: NEVER read comments unless you know its a friendly environment.
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    The article on female comic sales is important IMO. Guys, if you visit a comic shop regularly I strongly recommend...
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    "I’ll just add that if you are someone who has bemoaned the lack of female creators and characters in comics and you’re...
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    ACK SUE TUMBLRED ABOUT MY SUPERHEROES FROM BOSTON PIECE ON THE QUAD. Sue, thank you so much a zillion times over. Your...
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