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Feb 17 '13

New Female Characters Joining Justice League?

DC gave Buzzfeed the preview of Justice League #17 earlier this week and I noticed a few interesting characters in a big crowd shot that clearly seem to be the Justice League given the caption

Right now the League only has one female member - Wonder Woman. But there are few more woman here including.

Vixen. Mari was last seen in Justice League International. Will she join the Justice League or will we see the JLI again?

Black Canary. In the pre-52 she led the Justice League. In the new 52 she’s been the lead of the Birds of Prey and a former member of Team 7. Will she be joining the League?

Emily Sung/Element Woman. This character debuted in Flashpoint and was later identified as a member of the new Justice League during SDCC 11. But we haven’t yet seen her join the team although she was seen in the FCBD teaser for Trinity Wars.

We also know from the cover of Justice League #20 that the Atom will be working with the Justice League but as a woman.

The page from issue #17 also includes Zatanna. Is this in her role as part of the Justice League Dark?

I’ll be very happy if Vixen returns. 

What do you think?

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    This just brightened my day! If all...these lovely ladies of various gender would be...
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    Very Happy with Vixen! Extremely happy. She is one of my favs. A strong, smart, sexy as hell, woman of colour. Very...
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    New Atom? YES! 'But the new Atom's a woman and not Ray Palmer, Kyle.' Do not care! As long as the character shrinks and...
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    Call me when Vixen joins up. Then I’ll come back to the Justice League book….
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