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Apr 4 '11

Batwoman now set for September launch

At the DC Icons panel, artist Amy Reeder stated that the Batwoman series is now set for September. At the panel she said the series is being delayed so DC can give the book a “big promotional push” and that she is already working on issue to come out “next year.”

The Batwoman series has had several fits and starts and several creative teams. The current creative team of J.H. Williams III, Haden Blackman and Reeder was announced in April of last year. The first issue, “Batwoman 0”, appeared this past November. The first ongoing issue was scheduled for February and than pushed back to April. In early March the solicits for both the April and May issues were mysteriously pulled.

Speculation focused on delays on the creative side, but Williams later stated that he was on schedule and the book had been delayed for other reasons. During WonderCon, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio mentioned the book being delayed to give it big push. Reeder’s statement is the first time a month has been attached to the book’s launch.

Perhaps DC thought the book might be overshadowed by Flashpoint? Could be but one has to ask why they didn’t think of this before? As I pointed out last week, Flashpoint has been in the planning stages since before last Spring. And  it was scheduled well before Batwoman started being solicited and resolicted. They could have easily moved the book to September in November or when the book was first delayed in February. That makes me wonder if there was another series that pushed their hand on delaying the book. I wonder if the Retro-Active series, announced at WonderCon, had anything to do with it? That series seems to have come together much quicker than Flashpoint. And it makes more sense. The out-of-continuity series timed to appear with Flashpoint, will limit the comic base’s budget for comics.

Whatever the reason, now we know. No Batwoman until September.

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    This is good news! Although bad news for the local comic shops because all my purchases this year have been “Is batwoman...
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    This is the only ongoing monthly comic book I was interested in subscribing to after 10 or 11 years of having quit...
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    FYI I still think that’s Madonna on the cover with Kate.
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    amy reeder is the sweetest most fun person. i went to her spotlight panel, then saw her at the cover artist panel (which...
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    OK, the only mainstream comic I’ve been looking forward to for a long time has been pushed back another six months....
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    *shrug* At least that’s better than the series getting cancelled altogether.
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    My heart is CRAVING Batwoman. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!!!!!
  14. zmtn said: We have to wait until September? That whomps.
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    September why so far awayyyyy On the other hand, hey, at least we know there is a date now.
  17. neuroticinfinity said: I’d rather they delayed it to later this year than to delay it to next year or cancel it completely
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    Ok, that’s it! Dishonor! Dishonor on DC!
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