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Feb 18 '13

3 Chicks Review Comics Talks to Terry Moore about Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising

On the newest episode (#51!) of the CBR podcast 3 Chicks Review Comics, Kelly and I welcome writer Terry Moore who talks about his current series Rachel Rising and his legendary series Strangers in Paradise. During the interview Moore reveals

  • How his prose novel of Strangers in Paradise has been pushed back for other projects.
  • How Rachel Rising emanated from a pitch for Birds of Prey
  • How digital distribution of has impacted the sales of Rachel Rising

Kelly and I also review Katana #1 and Powers Bureau #1 - did we like them? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also chat about Batman #17 and the Death of the Family.

And we also chat about some recent developments at DC Comics including the hiring of homophobe Orson Scott Card to write Superman.  Yeah, that part is not pretty.

Anyway please give the show a listen! And please leave us comments!

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    Sue’s thoughts about Orson Scott Card starting at 43:00. That’s all you need to listen.
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    I am buying Rachel Rising right now :D time to hear to the podcast :D
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    Accidentally reblogged my rant on my personal but whatevs. Point is, DC stands for “Disappointing Comics.” Something...
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    Never been much of a podcast person, but this was a great episode. I loved hearing the insight on Katana and Death of...
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    SiP changed my life at thirteen. It made me feel courageous and helped me feel okay about my sexuality at a time when...
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