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Feb 22 '13

Important News Requiring Yet Another Post on Superhero Underwear!

I’ve done a few posts on superhero underwear - for men and women. But I’ve also done posts talking about the importance of superhero underwear for little girls. Why? I’ve discussed in the past how not having toys and merchandise for little girls sets up superheroes as a “boy thing”.

Why shouldn’t a little girl who sees Batgirl or Wonder Woman on TV be able to go to a strore and buy toys or, yes, underwear with her favorite character on them? At one time years ago, as I wrote a few years ago, this was a non-issue. Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl underoos were widely available. 

But for the last few years there has been a black hole when it has come to girls’ underwear. I’ve seen Wonder Woman and Batgirl undies for women in a few stores but when you hit the kids’ aisle it’s all Disney Princesses and Dora. Not that there is anything wrong with those. God knows enough Disney Princess gear has hit my home over the past years. But I would have loved to have had the option to provide my daughter with superhero underwear. My son, of course, has so many different kinds to choose from I can’t keep track of them.

But now there is an option! Fruit of the Loom has a six pack of girls underwear on line, and apparently it is so popular it keeps selling out.

Here’s a look at the female trinity pair:


There are also Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl solo versions:image

I learned about these from the blog The Rock Father. Apparently I’m not the only who was writing about the lack of diversity in girls underwear. 

I’m still frustrated that they are only online although the Rock Father seems to think Wal-Mart will pick them up. I’d recommend dropping a note to Target. They have a line of superhero underwear in their stores right now for women - it seems silly they don’t for little girls as well.

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    I used to wear my wonder woman underoos over thights and a tshirt and run around my house pretending i was her!
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  12. illathrael said: It also seems silly that more parents don’t consider buying girls underwear from the boys section. Just as comfortable, with just as many of my favorite superheroes.
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