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Feb 27 '13

And This is What it’s Like to be an Young Actress Cast in a Superhero Movie

The first set pictures of the young actress, Shailene Woodley, who has been cast as Mary Jane Watson in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man hit the net yesterday. Woodley is an acclaimed young actress who won awards for her role in the Descendants.

But when it comes to the bottom dwellers of comic book fandom why would you want to talk about her acting talent when you can just talk about how she looks? 

Here’s the actress on set. 


And here’s some of the comments!

From Bleeding Cool

"It’s pretty clear that Gwen would have to die for that girl to have a chance with Peter."

"Tiger, looks like you didn’t hit the jackpot!"

From Comicbookmovie

"Woof Woof!"

"SO UGLY!!!!! aghhhhhhh"


she’s ugly :/

dood looks like a lady

These comments were found on other sites as although it’s a sad day when the first comments on Yahoo are better than the rest of these idiotic comments.

But it was to be expected, really. Because we all know an actress should only be judged by how hard she can make a fan, AMIRITE?

Let’s not forget that Anne Hathaway was called “not sexy enough” for Catwoman. I did a post on the catcalls Adrianne Palicki got when cast as Wonder Woman. Even the lovely Amy Adams took shit when cast as Lois Lane.

By the way, to all the folks who chose to write such horrible things about this actress if you had any sense you would realize that there are other pictures on the net where you might see her not in candid set shot. You know, like how she might look on film.

Judging women by the looks rather than their acting isn’t just an issue around comics. Not when you have a film reviewer talking about Melissa McCarthy’s size, calling her a hippo among other things, instead of her acting ability in Identity Thief.

And people wonder why when Seth MacFarlane makes a joke at the Oscars about women “looking good” because they lost weight due to having the flu, it pisses some people off. (And not because it just might be an issue, of course, but because as one commenter wrote, “Feminists: Please realize not being able to take a joke is what’s really holding you back”. No, Really.)

The constant judging of women and their looks isn’t a comic book issue or a film issue - it’s a societal issue. Handwaving or attacking the person calling it out just enables it and allows it to perpetuate.

So while this post is designed to make someone realize it’s a problem it will it will probably just end up with me being insulted for my looks somewhere on the net. 

The bitter, sad circle of internet irony.

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    Stay classy, Spider-Man fans. Seriously, the girl has a lot of acting talent and while she doesn’t do as much for me...
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    The really sad thing is I was sort of expecting to hear about this reaction when a friend at work showed me this promo...
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    Honestly considering her, I think she could be a pretty awesome Mary Jane. In the Descendants her character was a spunky...
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