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Mar 10 '13

DA Artist Storyboards Wonder Woman Movie Through Concept Art

Earlier this week I posted about how Warner Bros. declared the script that Joss Whedon gave them for Wonder Woman was dead. Look we know the problems that WB has getting Wonder Woman into anything except animated TV. I’ve written about them over and over again. Despite the fan videos. Despite seeing how awesome she is in games. Despite writers like Whedon taking a shot.

But an artist on Deviant Art JoshMWC has been posting over the last 4 years concepts for a Wonder Woman movie. The pieces are mostly moments but you can put them in order to the rough out of a movie. Let’s take a look at what he’s come up with.


It starts with the classic Marston origin of Wonder Woman, a much prayed for child made of clay by her mother.


Diana finds the plane of Steve Trevor on the Island.


A contest to see who leaves the island.


Once off the island Diana makes her public debut.


Diana meeting up with Trevor.


When Steve Trevor is pursued by agents she chases them down.image

Diana arrives at terrorist attack

bullets and bracelets


Protecting the president from an assassination attempt.

The artist imagines the movie concluding with a fight between Diana and Ares on Themyscira including this moment where she gets help from some fighter planes.

To me that looks like a powerful cinematic moment.

Take a look at his gallery and see the rest of the concepts and plot ideas. What do you think? Will Wonder Woman work better set against a modern backdrop or do you think she’ll work better as a period piece as in this fan film?

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