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Mar 13 '13

Comics to Buy this Week, March 13

It’s a good week for the LADEEZ and let’s start with the book that I’m sure everyone is wondering about.


So will Harper Row become the next Robin? Let’s just say if you put an empty pair of boots on the cover of a comic, it may mean someone could fill them … Just read the issue, you’re going to want to get this one.

Also this week are second issues for two female-led books from both Marvel and DC. Both had mixed reviews for their first issues (although they both landed on the “buy” side for me). 

First up is Katana #2 from DC Comics. The sales of the first issue were not great and the promotion of the second was muted. That’s not good.


Preview here.

Marvel has the second issue of The Fearless Defenders. From the preview it seemed like the art was still not quite there but, hey, Dani Moonstar joins the team. Also check out this awesome variant cover by Marcos Martin.


Dark Horse has issue #4 of the Ghost reboot by Kelly Sue DeConnick this week. They announced at ECCC this was going to be an ongoing and I’m glad, it’s been a fun series.


And speaking of DeConnick, Avengers Assemble #13 is out this week. This is fun series that captures the tone of the movie. Oh and look who is in this issue.


That’s it for me, what’s on your list?

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    Whether DC had this insufferable vendetta against Steph or not, I don’t have a problem with another female Robin… the...
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    Going to the shop today to ask about Big Barda, gotta remember to pick up some of these
  12. captkylej said: No offense meant, but I read the first issue of Katana, and the writing just wasn’t very good. The dialogue felt rather disjointed and choppy. It is a book I’d try again with a new writer, though.
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    Punky? Is her last name Brewster? This gif please: If she becomes Robin, I’m done. That’s it. I thought the Bat-titles...
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