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Mar 21 '13

The Reported Reason Why Fialkov Quit the Lantern Books

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Joshua Hale Fialkov walked off the Lantern books because of demands he kill a character.

Can you guess who? 


Yep. John Stewart. 

If this indeed true, CBR confirmed it.  I just done even know what to say.


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    Wow. And I thought I couldn’t hate DC more.
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    hahahaha dc’s killing off all the non-white peeps wait til they remember Dick Grayson’s Romani
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    I swear, sometimes it’s like DC wants to kill off and remove all the characters people actually like so that they’ll...
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    WHY WOULD YOU EVER KILL OFF JOHN, HE’S THE BEST ONE.* *I may still bitter movie was made with Ryan Reynolds
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    They’re reassuring us that he’s totally safe now, so on the plus side letter-writing campaigns are getting easier?
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    Times like this just goes to show that the heads at DC are spiteful, biased fanboys who hardly think through any of...
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    i want to set DC on fire and snort the ashes of their demise.
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    But guys, they have another non-white Green Lantern now! Why would they go above the quota????
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    so how does killing off the Green Lantern that anyone who doesn’t read comics would know fall under “iconic” DC?
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    I quit.
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