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Mar 22 '13

Dear Catwoman (Or Rather Those Responsible For Her)

Dear Catwoman or rather those of you who are responsible for her appearances in comics. I want to bring a problem to your attention. This week in Justice League of America #2 Catwoman’s costume was broken. No really, the zipper just didn’t work. See:

I am sure you are more than aware that Catwoman is a professional thief. She is supposed to be stealthy and runs with a dangerous crowd. Guns, knives, magical mumbo jumbo, you name it, can come flying at her at any minute.

In this role it is incredibly important for the zipper to work. For one thing, her costume, much like that of her “friend” Batman acts to protect her from all those items I named above. While it may not prevent a bullet it could prevent road burn, an errant knife or other dangers. This is particularly important because Catwoman does not have powers and thus could be seriously hurt or killed given the zipper is open where her heart is. You may remember that at one time a villain named Hush removed Selina’s heart and almost killed her. It therefore makes sense for her to cover up for many readers remember that. 

Secondly, Catwoman’s skin stands in dramatic contrast to the rest of her costume. The black costume makes her less visible at night. It’s why most of the folks wearing tights and kevlar in Gotham wear black. The problem is when Selina is unzipped her skin makes her less stealthy and easier to spot. 

That’s not good.

I’m sure Catwoman is very comfortable with her her body and may like to show some cleavage. Hey, a lot of women do. No one wants to stop that. 

But really the level to which the broken zipper had her showing cleavage was distracting. And not just for the readers.

Poor Vibe!

And I understand that being stealthy and stealing stuff can make one hot. But it doesn’t seem to bother her in own book where she has a working zipper … finally.

So please fix that zipper. She will still be sexy. When Anne Hathaway portrayed Catwoman she was zipped and it was fine.


So far the JLA book has been a fun read. I’ll have more fun not worrying about that broken zipper.



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    *Sigh* Alright, I know I can’t REALLY complain considering I RP Black Cat…BUT SHE ONLY USES HER BOOBS FOR DISTRACTION...
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