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Mar 29 '13

Batman Beyond Series to Introduce Batgirl Beyond

There’s a new creative team on the Batman Beyond book, Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas take over from Adam Beechen. But more importantly there is a Batgirl being introduced into the book. And the team for that and this picture make me very optimistic.

According to IGN Scott Peterson will be writing the arc introducing what looks to be a woman of color as Batgirl. For those of you who know your Bat writer history, Scott Peterson helped create the last women of color to become Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. You can read a post he wrote about creating that Batgirl here. 

The character will debut in July and, as can be seen from the image above, by artist Annie Wu who will be collaborating with Peterson, will be involved with Commisioner Barbara Gordon.

Glad to see that finally there will be another Batgirl who is not a red head in the animated world. The team of Peterson and Wu makes me very excited for this arc.

And if that wasn’t enough to get me excited, James Tucker who is taking over the DCAU from Bruce Timm gave an interview where he discussed integrating other characters in to the DCAU. 

“I can’t go into specifics, he says, “but I have a feeling when we announce our next slate of movies, people are going to be very excited because we will be using Batman, Superman and Justice League as a gateway to exposing other characters.”

He adds:

Our challenge,” he continues, “is that people want us to do these other characters, but if they don’t sell that threatens the whole line. So the way to do it is to be smart. If we know we’re going to use Superman, Batman and the Justice League, how do we use them as gateways to these other characters? If Batman, Superman and Justice League bring in the average person who’s not a comic book fan, once you have them you insert a Huntress or a secondary character like Oracle as a means of introducing them to more of the world.

Anyone who mentions Oracle connected with DC or WB gets a big thumbs up from me. 

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