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Apr 1 '13

Bat-Romance or Bad Romance? Batman and Batgirl to Be Newest DC Supercouple?

The doors have barely closed on WonderCon but the news keeps coming. And it is big news. This morning reports are emerging that as part of Bruce Wayne’s grieving process he will soon embark on a romance with another member of the Batfamily - Batgirl.

According to an insider:

"After bringing Superman and Wonder Woman together and seeing the interest (and controversy), it only made sense to put Batman into a high profile "superstar" relationship with a female character. The sense is that Catwoman has run her course as a romantic partner. Given their history and the upcoming shared appearance of the duo, DC realized it would be foolish not to explore a "Bat-Romance" between Batman and Batgirl."

In comics the two characters have traditionally been co-workers with Batgirl instead being romantically linked with Dick Grayson, the first of the Robins. That relationship, one of the most popular in DC history, included an engagement in the pre-52 universe. Modern day Batman has been romantically involved with a variety of non-Bat characters including Talia al Ghul, Vicki Vale and Catwoman. There is some precedence for the relationship in the DC Animated Universe, where there was a suggestion of a relationship in Batman Beyond. 

This relationship between Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon will, however, “not be ambiguous” according to the report this morning:

"This won’t be fleeting glances or one date. This will be a full-on relationship that could end up with Barbara moving in with Bruce and starting their own family. The relationship will impact the entire extended Batman cast. Dick, Tim, Alfred and Jim Gordon will all have very different reactions to the relationship. The repercussions will be felt through all the Batbooks and will change how readers view both Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon."

Readers can expect to see the start of the relationship in July issues with it moving very quickly to a “significant moment” in August. One controversial aspect of the relationship will be the changes to the Batgirl book including having the title changed to “Batman’s Girl” later in the year.

"Batgirl will still have her own adventures but they will be complicated and dominated by this new relationship and make her wonder whether it is time once again time to hang up her tights and start making "Bat-babies."

Er, what? So why are they doing this?

"While the Kathy Kane/Batwoman relationship is mocked as Silver Age silliness, there are still alot of readers who remember those Silver Age comics with fondness. The current Batwoman is obviously not an option, but Batgirl is single, and in the new 52, much closer to Bruce’s age. The idea of two young, beautiful people in Bat-suits in love, and intimately expressing that love, is sure to sell."

My thoughts? This is an incredibly foolish thing for DC to do. Batgirl is their top selling female-led book. The character deserves her own relationship not one in the shadow of the biggest character at DC Comics. While the Catwoman and Batman relationship hasn’t been well written in the new 52 (outside of few panels in Worlds’ Finest) the potential is still there for it to be an interesting one. What a joke. 


What do you think? You can read more at this story here.

(Source: usatoday.not)

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