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Apr 19 '11

Christian Images and DC Comics

Given the week, I thought it might be interesting to do a round-up of some the Christian imagery used in DC Comics.

I’ve said many times that I love tributes to the Pieta, the statue that shows Christ laying in the arms of his mother Mary. DC Comics and comics in general is full of  Pietà tributes including one of my best covers of 2010 by Billy Tucci.

And, of course, there is this one:

But there are many more.

The idea and image of Superman as a Christ-like character a popular one such as most as here in Kingdom Come (although Captain Marvel is one who sacrfices his life). You can read about the parallels between the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and the story of Christ here.

DC, of course, uses the term Trinity to describe their core character properties and has often presented them using religious imagery as below.

DaVinci’s the Last Supper, depicting the final gathering of Christ and disciples is often used in popular culture. DC Comics has used it as well including this panel from Countdown (in this case Batman is the Christ-figure)

The original is below.

There is also this one featuring villains from an ad for Salvation Run

And what about the cross? I’m sure there are examples in the printed page but here are examples of crucifixation imagery used in Smallville. In the first season Clark was seen hanging in a cornfield.

And this final season of the show began with the episode “Lazarus” with Lois assuming a familiar position.

I’m sure there are many more images and references. Any that come to mind?

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