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Apr 16 '13

Let’s Celebrate 75 Years of Lois Lane …

… because it doesn’t seem like DC wants to.


This Thursday, April 18, marks 75 years since the first issue of Action Comics #1 hit the newstand. On the cover of that comic is a character you’re going to be hearing a lot about this year - Superman. But there was another character in that issue. A character whose name is known around the world. Who has appeared in almost every media adaption starring Superman. A character who is synonymous with hard nosed reporter. Not girl reporter. Reporter. 

That character is Lois Lane. 

Right now DC Comics has announced no plans to celebrate this anniversary. There are no special Lois Lane comics solicited. No Lois Lane anniversary memorabilia being offered. And while there will be a set of anniversary variant covers for the upcoming Scott Snyder/Jim Lee Superman Unchained series, there will be covers for Superman and for Lex Luthor but no cover for Lois Lane. She “might” get a cover with Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, according to Lee.

Seventy-five years of comic, movie, radio, book, Broadway and TV appearances and all that we’ve heard is she might be getting a joint cover with two characters who arrived to the Superman mythos long after she did. This despite a big budget movie with Amy Adams playing the character arriving in June. 

Do you think that makes sense? Do you think that is right? I certainly don’t. 

We can hope that DC has something to celebrate Lois Lane. But rather than waiting to hear or see that, why not tell them you want to see something for her 75th anniversary?

And here is a good way. On Thursday you can use Twitter to help tell DC Comics and Warner Bros. you want to see Lois Lane’s 75th anniversary recognized. You can find out all the details here. I’m going to be Tweeting and I hope others will too.

I’ll be celebrating her 75th anniversary over the next weeks with some interviews with her creators and Superman historians.

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