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Apr 26 '11

Avengers Diversity

From the set of the new movie. From Left:

White Dude who is a god, Rich White Dude,  Unfrozen White Dude, White Dude who turns green.

Tom Brevoort did an interesting interview over at CBR about the Avengers pitches they passed on. Graeme McMillan pulled out the tasty parts on ‘Rama. Emphasis in bold.

The third one I can remember — and at least two different people pitched this at two different times — was an idea that never got as far as an official title, but it was essentially “Black Avengers.” It was “Let’s put all the African or African-American heroes together on a team for an adventure,” and in those cases too, there was nothing about the idea beyond “It’s a bunch of super heroes together” that said “Avengers” beyond the fact that “Avengers” is a term that’s salable. I think there’s something very specific about what “Avengers” means to the Marvel Universe. They’re the varsity. They’re the A-list. They’re the Man. They’re not about being super heroes because of demographics or ethnicity. They stand for something specific and occupy a certain role. If you don’t have some degree of that, then it doesn’t feel like Avengers.

First, isn’t the very concept of the Avengers “a bunch of superheroes together?”

Second, if being an Avenger is not about ethnicity then how come you don’t have more POC as Avengers? How can it be a contrivance to have one bunch of superheroes to come together and not another? There was some good discussion about this by @sonofbaldwin on Twitter.

Characters aren’t born A-list. And you don’t get A-list characters by limiting them and putting them in only certain books. You find good writers and you let them write them and then let the audience decide who is A-list.

It’s tiring to hear the same things said over and over again about race in comics.

Someone said today that it was a “gradual process. Luke Cage is well on his way to becoming iconic.”  Luke Cage debuted in comics 9 years after Tony Stark. How long does he have to wait? Where’s his chair?

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    Reblogging this because I completely agree.
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    everything you post...are always complaining...are so...
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  5. latkje said: On the movie specifically it’s a bit bizarre, because there are women/poc with major roles who for whatever reason don’t get chairs in this promo pic. Scarlett Johansson and Sam Jackson have way more Hollywood clout than that guy who plays Thor.
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    Besides the astute commentary above, the “Avengers have to be A-List” argument makes no sense to me, considering the...
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    Can I be the one to say put the race away this time. I’m black and I’m glad to see an Avengers movie get made. I don’t...
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    Judging by current and past output, you could conclude that Marvel are more invested in the idea of animals as Avengers...
  12. superheroeskickingass said: Can I be the one to say put the race away this time. I’m black and I’m glad to see an Avengers movie get made. I don’t care about race. Secondly take Luck Cage out of the equation, there aren’t a huge amount of Minorities on the team anyway.
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    And T’challa. T’challa’s an Avenger, too =/ But I don’t see his movie being made any time soon. I want my Goddamn Black...
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    Good question. Where is the black representation in this movie, dammit? Oh, Nick Fury is black and runs the Avengers....
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    The Avengers: Earth’s Whitiest Heroes
  17. thebookmaiden said: if you read the comics and watch the shows there are eventually several POC who are avengers but its sad that the current movie coming out isn’t doing much to showcase them. Maybe if they do a sequel they’ll but some awesome non white characters in.
  18. retro-nouveau said: Nick Fury’s been there since Iron Man (1)? My first thought was “where the hell are the chairs for Wasp and Giant Man?”
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