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May 5 '13

Graphic Artist Mixes Superhero Oaths and Art to Create Inspiration

Graphic artist Adam Thompson has put together a set of images that take the words from DC Comic’s Justice League and remixes of existing art to create a set of inspirational posters. The artist states:

Superheroes already have a prominent place in pop culture. Their images can be seen anywhere. As a fan I enjoy seeing the strength of these characters in the spotlight, but because I am looking to reach a new audience, I needed to find a new light. I had to consider that comic books are a series of images accompanied by dialogue, and since it’s the images that are already so prominent, I decided to focus on the dialogue.
In my mind, one of the most famous pieces of comics dialogue is the oath sworn by Green Lantern. I gave this some deeper thought and realized that the oath is, in a way, applicable to real life. Anyone, should they choose, can swear an oath to stand against evil. Then it hit me. Have all comic heroes said things that are applicable in real life? Have they all said things that can inspire any of us, comic fan or not?
His Wonder Woman poster takes the words of Phil Jimenez from Wonder Woman #170 (also known as the issue where Lois Lane spends a day with Wonder Woman).
The Superman poster quote is by Joe Kelly from “What’s so Funny about Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

He also has posters for Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. You can see the rest here.

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