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May 12 '13

Happy Mother’s Day to the Moms of DC!

With all apologies to Dr. Seuss, a poem for Mother’s Day for the Moms of DC Comics.

There are Moms who are Queens

and Moms who make you scream
There are Moms who run family and farm

And Moms who aren’t afraid to strong arm
There are Moms who are protective

And who love and hate a Detective
Moms who are instructive

And those who are seductive
Moms who have flash

And Moms who are brash
Moms with careers

and Moms who use swears
The moms of DC come in all sizes small and tall
And then there are mothers who aren’t moms at all!

If you have a mom or someone who is like a mom to you who you love and who loves you, remember today is Mother’s Day!

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