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May 20 '13

DC Unveils SDCC Exclusives; I Know What I’m Getting

DC has unveiled its exclusives for SDCC. You can see them all at USA Today but I’ll show the one that I’ll be getting. Oh yes, I will.

Behold the ESSBUFFS!

It’s pricey - $49.99 but I simply must have it. Of course, I’d rather have an ongoing series with these three by Lauren Faust, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. How about a digital comic? Anyone?

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    $50 is too rich for my blood, but I really, really wish I could afford to get these.
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    Me likey!
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    My have!!
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    That’s probably the only way you can get them. Either that or prepare to pay ridiculous prices on eBay.
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