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May 5 '11

Wonder Woman delivers for MAC cosmetics

Estee Lauder, owner of the MAC brand, reported first quarter financials today and beat their estimates for earnings per share by 25%. And one of the reasons?

Our 3 largest brands also contributed to growth, led by M-A-C, which reported double-digit gains, following with a strong reception for its Wonder Woman collection.

If a company like Estee Lauder can tap into the appeal of the Wonder Woman brand and have success, why is it so damn hard for the company that owns that brand?

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    DUDE, RIGHT? Like, seriously. She’s YOUR character, DC. FIGURE OUT HOW TO WRITE HER.
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    My guess would be the people who purchase makeup are not (for the most part) people who purchase comic books. Wonder...
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    Why did I not know about this before? Damn do I want that lipstick.
  7. kittybat said: MAC (by Estee Lauder) is a machine. They’re incredibly good at marketing their brands and come out with new collectoins each month. Catering to young girls in the beauty community is very different than catering to the popular audience.
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