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Jun 8 '13

Diamond Releases May Sales; Comic Trolls Forced to Move on to New Topic

So in May, Marvel introduced a new X-Men title. You might have heard of it? Brian Wood? Olivier Copiel? All women?

Marvel publicized the hell out of the book pitching stories to not just the comic folks but other media. Like CNN. Where there were, at last count, 758 comments. 

And a lot of them were supportive. And then you have ones like this:


Oh Lewda, Lewda, Lewda. 

You and your ilk. So the opposite of smart and erudite. So the epitome of the worst of comics fans.

Oh, here’s the top ten comics for May.


Given that Batman has averaged north of 135K for the last six months, I think we can guess that we know where sales on this is going to end up, right?

It’s just amazing to me the vitriol that anything that has to do with women and cape comics can generate. Every week it seems that I find a new comment around women and comics to put my head and desk in what is apparently what is destined to be a long relationship. This morning I had some dude come to my blog and explain that women don’t use the “right tone” when discussing issue in comics and this is why people reacted positively to Joss Whedon discussing gender issues and superheroes vs. female commentators.

Really, I can’t make this shit up.

So I’m pretty happy X-Men #1 did well because Brian Wood is a great creator, Jeanine Schaefer, the editor who pushed this thing forward, is smart and passionate and did a great job and because it’s a good comic whether women are all the team members or not.

But yeah I’m also just a teeny happy because it makes these dudes look like the idiots their comments imply.

And Mark MY WORDS … it won’t be the last time.


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    Also? It was a good doggone read.
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    Glad to see this series is beating the trolls. I need to get around to picking up a copy of this.
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    This is the most amazing news ever. Read it and love it!
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    This made me so happy I actually did a little dance at my desk.
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    I’m so excited to be one of the buyers supporting x-men!
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