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Jun 17 '13

The Brilliance of DC Comics’ Marketing Synergy!

Man of Steel is the biggest non Batman superhero hit movie they’ve had in … I don’t know how many years. And the movie did really well in the demographics drawing in a demographic of 44% women. Compare that to Ironman 3 whose opening weekend had an audience that was 31% female audience.

Most people attribute much of that bump to Amy Adams playing Lois Lane. If you’ve seen the movie you know that it keeps to the canon as far as their relationship since before the mishegas started in the new 52. The kiss the two shared was shown almost a year ago at SDCC so I’m not spoiling anything.

So in the brilliant marketing synergy that is DC Comics, today they announced a new Superman book. Oh wait, make that Superman/Wonder Woman. Hitting in October and exploring the “budding relationship” according to IGN.


Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero in comics, finally has a second book for the first time in 61 years and it’s second billing to her boyfriend and in a book where she’s making out with him on the cover.

I said it when the first announced this relationship and I’ll say it again - they are boiling down this character to a romantic interest for a dude. Why can’t she have her own relationship in her own book? 

My head and my desk are unfortunately today in a relationship as painful as the one below.


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    So we get a Superman/Batman book and a Superman/Wonder Women book now? And DC obviously hope to boost sells of one by...
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    Diaannnnaaaaaaaa ;~; I HATE YOU DC. I HATE YOU FOREVER.
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    If you think this is supposed to push Diana as her own character or to make her more visible to general audience and...
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    Wonder Woman/Superman relationship is such a mistake :/
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    I don’t WANT to give up on DC…but I think it’s happening anyway. :(
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