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Jun 18 '13

Target Animates the Justice League in New TV Commercial

Earlier this Spring DC Comics and Target announced a deal that would put Justice League licensed merchandise into Target Stores. The range of merchandise was wide; housewares, clothing and toys. At the Target near me there is two aisles of stuff some of which I’ve shown. Of course, I was happy to see that Wonder Woman was getting prominence and had her own line of merchandise.

Yesterday a Target commercial with the Justice League showed up. And it reflects the dichotomy Kelly and I discussed with Heidi MacDonald of the Beat last week about DC Comics and the female audience. MacDonald’s says, as she’s said before, that the Warner Bros. has deemed DC Comics a “boy brand” and “dedicated safe space” for male readers and that any attempt to attract females would alienate their core demographic.

It’s an interesting theory and certainly DC Comics has done enough stuff through the years to that you can scratch your head and think, “do they really even want women reading this stuff?” 

But then you see this commercial which while clear targeted (no pun intended) and the power purse strings of women makes you wonder what the heck the brand is? Is it “hey moms, give your son a safe space from girl cooties?” because I’m not getting that here especially with the last shot of the “mom” and Wonder Woman walking away together. Or maybe this is just how DC sees Wonder Woman - a licensing money maker for “GIRL POWER” in everything but comics where she’s in her own title she’s basically in an ensemble cast and is Superman’s SUPER girlfriend in another?

Who knows? And, honestly, it really does feel some days like “who cares?” too. But it IS fun to Wonder Woman and her team animated.

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    Ah DC, ever setting the standard for having their cake (money money money, and hey, women spend that) and eating it too...
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