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Jun 20 '13

Now THIS is an Awesome Redesign of a Female Character

Last night Jim Lee asked on Twitter who were your favorite artists who have emerged over the last five years. That’s a very good question and and I put Mikel Janin on my list. I was impressed with his work early on in the new 52 due to his character designs for Justice League Dark and his interiors on the book. And he’s gotten better and better each issue.

DC has recently posted his redesign of Giganta on their site and I’m impressed. Giganta has long history having been introduced as a Wonder Woman villain in the Golden Age.


She disappeared for a number of years and then returned in the 60s with a two-piece version of her Golden Age outfit.


Later she ditched the skirt for a jumpsuit perhaps after being told to put on some undergarments by Black Canary (although she was also seen wearing a whole lot of nothing in the Atom title written by Gail Simone).


This version of the character became less of a villain even hanging out with her former nemesis Wonder Woman to talk about their love lives. When last seen pre-52 she was hanging out with the Secret Six.

In the new 52 Giganta is a member of Secret Society and looks to be back to her FOREVER EVIL ways.


This costume has elements of her Silver and Modern Age costumes but  looks more althletic due to the bike shorts and sports bra combo. I really like the tatoo. She looks bad ass. I’ve posted about my frustrations of seeing the female villains channeling “naughty” with thigh high boots and stockings rather than pure nasty. I’m pleased to see some variety added with this new version of Giganta and the new Ventriloquist.

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    Daaaaang. I always fall in love with the bruisers.
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    Will she still be a scientist, or is she going to be reduced to being nothing but a tank?
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