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May 13 '11

Chris Burnham talks a little about that surprise appearance in Batman, Inc. #6

Artist Chris Burnham has provided a few answers to some questions folks have about the latest issue including some very interesting information. And since this is still a spoiler for some, it’s under the cut.

Some have wondered why Cass wasn’t on the cover of the issue. I asked Chris and he said,”I drew that cover months before it was written, that’s why!” I’m actually not surprised by that. I do think the addition of Cass was recent. Read on.

Cass’ new costume was redesigned by Burnham — for Morrison. Which is very interesting. That means Morrison had his “designs” (pun intended) on Cass before she was written into the upcoming issue of Red Robin because she is wearing the new costume on the cover. Here’s Burnham on the costume.

I redesigned her based on Grant’s description. If memory serves, he was pretty specific about the cape but left me to figure out the rest of it. The challenge was to make people say “Hey… is that Cassandra Cain?” So I wanted to keep it similar to the old one (which I always thought was awesome, btw) but not TOO similar. We went through a couple rounds and this is what everyone agreed on.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other guys do with Cassie’s cape as well. I left it a little ambiguous in my designs with the express purpose of letting each artist put their little stamp on it. In my head it’s halfway between Spawn and Ragman. (Note: see Ragman and Spawn with their Capes below)

And below you can see Cass aka BlackBat and her cape. I’d love to know how Morrison came up with that name.

Given this information, I am going to guess the mystery project that Cass Cain got pulled out Birds of Prey for wasn’t, as was assumed, Red Robin or Gates of Gotham, but for Batman, Inc.

Didio briefly mentioned at WonderCon that readers might want to watch for her Batman, Inc. I guess they really did want it to be a surprise and they succeeded.

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  3. leaguerulesfrownupon said: Yay Cass. Can’t express how happy I am. But Batman Inc #6 also made it pretty clear Grant has no intention of the series being a lesson about the moral limits of Bruce’s authority. Hell, doesn’t even look like they’re gonna explore white privilege
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