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May 22 '11

First look at the swimsuit version of Adrianna Palicki’s Wonder Woman costume

Remember how the Wonder Woman TV pilot was going to end with Wonder Woman in a traditional outfit? Here via WonderboyLB, it is.

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    Coooooooooool! *mouth breathing*
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    My one big problem— that bodice obviously needs straps. I’m fine with the traditional, strapless Wondy suit most of the...
  6. lastgoodemperor said: Was I the only one that was *happy* she wasn’t wearing a star spangled diaper? I mean, no one relented on Batman when Nolan decided to put him in armor and ditch the “trunks on the outside of his pants” look. Some costumes just need to go away.
  7. haniemohd reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    What I think is that they should’ve picked Liz Hurley...Woman… like ten years ago. Also,...
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    not gonna lie, i think it looks great.
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    swimsuit edition?…it looks like the regular old costume (without the pants and all). I still want to give the film a...
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    I’m still interested in watching the damn thing. Maybe NBC will air it over the summer as part of their Sunday movie...
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    Actually the only thing truly “impractical” about the outfit/costume/uniform is the ill-fitting top. Derby girls don’t...
  14. hoarr said: I still think this should have been Wonder Woman…
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    It may be a little bit impractical when she needs to run. Or fly. Or fight. Or indeed do anything. But still, how the...
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    Not bad. Not bad at all.
  17. majorbonobo said: Yegh. I definitely do not approve of Ms. Palicki as a choice, and that was the least of my concerns about that pilot. Thank God for this abortion or stillbirth.
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