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May 23 '11

DC Comics to drop “bomb shells” June 11

The speculation about the post-Flashpoint world of DC Comics may start to have some facts on June 11. The LA Times reports this morning that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be onstage Hero Complex Film Festival on June 11 with “bomb shells” about “the future of Superman and the DC Universe.”

Oh, boy.

The timing is perfect. Just a few days before the September solicits which are the books following Flashpoint as well as all those August solicits that had that sense of finality.

Will this be the renumbering and relaunches that Bleeding Cool has posted about?

I think it will.

Expect more books to be canceled. The first round prior to Flashpoint? Just the start. At Boston Comic Con I was told by someone very close to DC that one book relevant to the interests of this blog is on the chopping block. Maybe two. And the second would be a stunner. I won’t name them because I have no confirmation other than my source.

So since everyone else is speculating, what do I think will happen? Alignment with the core holdings. What are those? Take a look at DC Retroactive.

Some other guesses, which are pure speculation:

Batman. Streamlined books. Streamlined universe. Fewer Batbooks. Focus on one true Batman. I already called that Dick will return to being Nightwing.

Wonder Woman. They’ve already dropped hints. Expect pre-crisis elements to be integrated. Steve Trevor will be back. Another new head writer.

JLA. Back to basics with the big guns.

And Superman? Note that how they called it out separately. The “future of Superman”. We know a new head writer is coming on board as Roberson is gone after #714. Will they align the book to the upcoming movie? My guess? Yes. And I am going to guess at least one of the bombshells will have to do with the status of the Lane-Kent marriage.

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    Actually, it’s the other way round: Talia has been retconned into a horrible mother just in order to justify any bad...
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    store these days....sounds like some/most...those things...
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    Damian sure as hell could sell underoos to me! Just sayin’ Back to the topic at hand; there are books and characters I’m...
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    I can’t imagine them doing something long-term damaging to their marriage. It’s been seen time and time again that...
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    Torch and pitchfork at the ready, Sadie. You just tell me when and where. The backlash will be enormous. They REALLY...
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    If Birds gets cancelled again, my rage...Red Lantern proportions
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    If they dare touch Lois and Clark and the Batfamily, I am coming to America. With an axe.
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    Sighing both outloud and in my head. It’s a chorus of sighs. DC, I Am DISAPPOINT
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    To be honest I’m pretty worried about the Flashpoint aftermath; it would be fine if this stayed in its own part of the...
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