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Aug 13 '13

It’s Not Like DC is Swimming in Female Creators to Begin With …

Yesterday DC Comics unveiled their solicits for November and I had to shake my head at two of them.

It’s not like DC hasn’t take heat for the number of female creators it has used in the past (although they have added a number of female creators since SDCCgate) but you’d think they’d want to get credit for the ones they have by listing the right credits.

Here’s the solicit for Earth-2


You’ll note that Nicola Scott is listed at “Nicolas” Scott.

I told DC about that yesterday on Twitter.

It was still up there now as of a few minutes ago.

Update: DC corrected these at 2PM today.

And here’s the solicit for Worlds’ Finest


Note that Emanuela Lupaccino is listed as “Emanual”

How hard is this? It’s not like these are unknown creators who done regular work for DC.

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    …seriously? This is frustrating.
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    seriously because they were done by women are you s e r i o u s
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    I love DC’s creations, but SHAME! SHAME on DC for not knowing who brings your paychecks.
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