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Aug 18 '13

bookjockey asked:

Gail Simone's work on 'Birds of Prey' made me a fan of Black Canary. Are there any other stories/arcs you could recommend for me to read? Thanks in advance!

Simone is really the best writer that the modern Black Canary has had. But there are some fun Black Canary stories out there. I recommend the Black Canary Archives which has a nice collection of her stories through the years including the famous Alex Toth. You can order a copy here.

You could also check out Dwayne McDuffie’s run on Justice League which had Black Canary as the leader. There’s a few volumes, here’s the first.

Black Canary also had a prominent role in Mike Grell’s Green Arrow. The only part of that run that has been collected is the Longbow Hunters which is not very pleasant in its treatment of Canary. 

The whole Canary/GA romance has a collection which is actually pretty fun and includes some of the Hard Traveling Heroes era stuff. You can order a copy here.

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