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Aug 19 '13

Preview of Batwoman #24: Bat vs. Bat

The Batwoman vs. Batman arc is underway and writer J.H. Williams III says it will be take a while and won’t be a typical superhero vs. superhero story. 

"In some ways, what she has over him is she thinks radically differently than he does," he says. "The way she problem-solves is different than what he does. And on an emotional component, in some ways Batman is a bit of a machine, and she’s certainly not that. But whether she’s better matched than he is, that’s the question we’re going to be answering."

Williams also says that they’ll be more revealed about the relationship between Maggie and Kate.

"The way Maggie discovered who Kate Kane is as Batwoman was a bit of a jarring incident, and even though they’re engaged, they’ve had some trust issues to explore and figure out can they make this work," Williams says. "They love each other and they want to try and make it work."

You can read the rest here.

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    Ooh, thanks for letting me know! Are there any other titles you’d recommend this week?
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    AWESOME :D This weeks issue is part of a new arc that started recently so if they have issues 18-22 at the shop as well...
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    ^One of the best series to read, in recent years, folks!^I LOVE Batwoman, & can’t wait to see more of her & Maggie’s...
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    Batwoman is one of my favorite DC characters and maybe the biggest breakout star of the New 52 this side of Aquaman....
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