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Aug 21 '13

Grant Morrison Talks Even More About Wonder Woman: Girl Crushes and New Name for Etta Candy

For a 120 page book that has just 25 pages completed (as of last week) and isn’t due until next year, we are certainly getting lots and lots of updates. The book is Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince and the writer is Grant Morrison. This time he’s speaking with the Guardian.

In this interview it says that Etta Candy is getting a new name - Beth for singer Beth Ditto. The name won’t be just the only tribute as the character apparently physically channels Ditto as Morrison is returning to the classic Etta Candy body type. That’s not a first for Morrison, his Etta in Seven Soldiers also channeled the classic Etta.

Etta/Beth is just one of the many female relationships that Morrison will be exploring in the book. He’s discussed in other interviews the relationship between Diana and her “hot” mom. And now alludes to a relationship that touches upon something that has been to date pretty sub-textual for Wonder Woman

"She’s major and she’s Wonder Woman’s pal. I wanted to get in as many relationships between women as possible – there’s Wonder Woman and her teacher, Wonder Woman and her mother, Wonder Woman and the girl she kind of fancies at school. I wanted lots of different female relationships to show that there’s not just one type of woman and she’s not representative of all women."

"The girl she kind of fancies in school?" In case readers didn’t catch that reference, the Guardian helpfully slugs the artwork in the story "Violence and a lesbian crush."

Of course they did.

So is DC letting Morrison “go there” with Wonder Woman? 

Will the subtext become a little less sub? Certainly there have been suggestions.


And Greg Rucka came as close to text with Io and Wonder Woman in his run.


But on the new 52 Earth, Wonder Woman has been quite clear she’s not “sister of sappho.”

But this isn’t the new 52. 

Despite my eye rolling and eyebrow raising over the interviews he’s done for this book, I’m actually enjoying Morrison’s seemingly endless road show on the book. Oh, he needs to scale back some of the continuous talk about sex and Wonder Woman, but it is fun to hear Morrison go on and on without a filter. 

I honestly can’t wait to hear what he has to say next …

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    Wait, has anyone told Beth Ditto that there’s going to be a comic book character based on her? I feel like she’d enjoy...
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    “Wonder Woman and the girl she kind of fancies at school.” it’s just me or Morriosn won the Tumblr? we all know that...
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    Confession time: I am not the biggest Grant Morrison fan. I’ve enjoyed some of his writings, like a trade of an Arkham...
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    Eh, let ‘em be candid (as long as the book isn’t substance-less porn/fanservice)… I was always attracted to Pre-52...
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    But… but… Etta is Etta. I know her name is old fashioned and her last name isn’t a name (I’d consider changing that,...
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