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Jun 5 '11


Is this Dick?




Is this Dick?

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    This makes me feel very sad Dx
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    If you haven’t heard yet, DC Comics is going to be doing a universal “reboot” starting this September. All their...
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    I wonder who the new nightwing is!
  10. jlwchambers reblogged this from fuckyeah-nerdery and added:
    Bruce has been confirmed as Batman, Dick has been confirmed as Nightwing and Jason has been confirmed as Red Hood for...
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    I was going on the theory that this was Tim, but now another idea’s come to mind: Bruce. It obviously can’t be Dick and...
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    agree, A little much Daredevil…especially
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    Dem escrimas are screaming Dick. I...Jason isn’t the new Nightwing. Would prefer him to...
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    Anyone else hope this is Jason?
  23. oldsportanime reblogged this from marcusto and added:
    as long as Tim is still Red Robin I’ll be happy. And if To is still doing the art.
  24. djemso reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I’m not keen on the super angry look if this is Dick, but I’d be psyched to have a Nightwing!Dick again. If this is...
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    I’m not sure how it’d work, but what if it’s supposed to be Terry? I want my fingerstripes back ;___;
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    Are we assuming this is Jason? What with the red and the grr angry expression. I REALLY don’t want this costume for...
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    I’d planned to do something else for my 100th post, but I was tempted to post the above *points fingers to pic* ever...
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    Red logo immediately reminded me of Tim’s unternet version of the Red Robin outfit. Then again, spiked gauntlets and...
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