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Jun 11 '11

Judd Winick on Catwoman: Sexy! Violent! Sexy! Really Sexy! Did I say Sexy?

Newsarama has an interview with Judd Winick on the new Catwoman book. You can read the whole thing here but I’ll here’s what jumped out at me:

Yes! It’s a very sexy title! It’s a very violent title. For lack of a better word, it’s one of the edgier titles coming out of the DCU. This is a tough, sexy, violent, somewhat over-the-top book, which is everything Catwoman should be.

And I will tell you right from the jump: This is not Wonder Woman. This is not Supergirl.

But I don’t think we’re doing anything inappropriate because, this is Catwoman! If there’s any character who leads with her sexuality, who leads with her sense of self, it’s Catwoman. We’re not rewriting the book on her. We’re just telling the story as it should be told about her in 2011. And it’s a little bit sexy.

Think sexy. Think feline, with the whip, the costume. You know? She has a tremendous amount of sex appeal, and none of us want to shy away from that.

But also think intelligent. That’s part of why she’s sexy.

Let’s see how many times does he say “Sexy”? Guess we know why they put March on the book.

It sounds like this Catwoman aligns with the Catwoman in Arkham City. Now the big question is whether this Catwoman aligns with what is in Dark Knight Rises?

And they did look at changing the costume but decided to keep it.

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    I’m starting to just really loath Winick. He has some great moments, but he also writes some really crap stuff…
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    Winick has a sexy learning disability. it Kif? *sigh* Sexlexia…
  6. seanaf said: Meehhhh. At least he’s making the decision of not buying it for me.
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    Yeah— I have no problem with ladies being sexy, because hell yes, women are sexy. But that isn’t all they are, that...
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    Winick’s one of those writers that takes a while before he gets into his groove on a character/book.Iirc he was a...
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    Is it me, or is Winick just a plain ol’ huge douche bag?
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    Think feline?! A Judd non devono togliere Jason, comincia a delirare di brutto quando gli si toglie Jason… ò_ò
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    I can sum up my word. Bleargh.
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