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Jun 16 '11

Dear DC Comics, please do this book

I’ve mentioned a few times that I volunteer with young girls. As part of my work with them we did a project focused on sequential art and comics.

We did some fun stuff. The girls designed their own comics. They each presented one of their favorite comics. They interviewed a comic book writer. And as part of the program I gave them all copies of the first issue of the comic “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventure in the 8th Grade.”

They LOVED it. If you haven’t read the series by Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones, I highly recommend it. It’s fun and silly and is the perfect book for girls and boys under 11 who want superheroes they can relate to. Honestly the stuff that comes of the Johnny DC all-ages side of the house has about 90% hit rate on quality and this was no exception.

My request today is driven by the post* that Walker put on his blog this week about a sequel he has a pitch for called, what else,  “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade.” DC, he says, didn’t turn it down; it just seems to have got lost in the shuffle. Here’s a few sketches:

You’ve read how the Ben Caldwell all-ages Wonder Woman went nowhere. How Dean Trippe’s pitch for an all-ages Lois Lane went nowhere. How the pitch for Barbara Gordon, Jr. Detective got passed over. Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone did a Wonder Woman all-ages pitch and Cooke says, “I wanted to give them at least 12 issues of a Wonder Woman book that any parent could give their child. They couldn’t have been less interested.”

Four pitches. Four treatments. Not all comics, but all properties featuring DC’s premium female IP targeted towards girls. And they all didn’t happen.

Over the last week there has been many conversations about the fact that only 2% of the creators in the DCnU are female. But now that I’ve said my piece, I’d like to focus on the solution. During my time doing this blog I’ve given several suggestions on ways to get more female readers. I’m not alone in trying to find a solution. (Go take this survey and give your thoughts).

This book won’t solve those problems. But it could help. Every one of the girls I showed the first issue of “Supergirl” picked up more from DC. I truly believe that you get more females in this business by getting more young female readers. Isn’t that what this reboot is all about? Expanding readership? Here’s one way.

So I ask you to write to DC and ask them to do this book. Hell, ask them if they’ll do any of the other four projects, too.

*Thanks Mizzelle!

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    Kicking off my comic news blogging day, a plea to DC to produce a comic! I think this is a fantastic idea to get more...
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    Every single one of the afore-mentioned books are ones I’d be excited about. I loved Eighth Grade and want to see more...
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