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Jun 22 '11

Wonder Woman OGN to be released in the fall

Amazon is showing a Wonder Woman original graphic novel available for pre-order for a November release. The book, Wonder Woman:Hands of the Gods is written by Margaret Weiss and Lizz Baldwin. Art is by Justiniano and Walden Wong.

The book is also listed at the Anime Castle who has more information and a color cover.

The Anime Castle listing includes the following:

  • Publisher : DC Comics
  • Written by Elizabeth Baldwin and Margaret Weis
  • Art by Justiniano
  • Genre : Action, Adventure
  • Format : Color, Hardcover
  • Size : Approx. x” X x”
  • Release Date : 09/13/11

Margaret Weis is a best-selling author who has done other work with DC properties including a Smallville RPG. Elizabeth Baldwin or Lizz Baldwin as she is listed on the Amazon cover, also seems to be involved in gaming as a “Lizz Baldwin” is listed as co-author of “The art of Magic.”

The artist Justiniano was arrested in May for possession of child pornography. He has pled not guilty.

Update: I have received confirmation from a representative for the authors that book is “postponed indefinitely.”
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    While everyone must be presumed innocent, the entire reason I was going to law school was, as Andrew Vachss once put it,...
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    I would never fucking buy this, I don’t care if Audre fucking Lorde wrote it with a forward by Rachel Maddow and Harriet...
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    I also want that missing Drew Johnson Wonder Woman one-shot fill in to come out! I saw art pages from it at Long Beach...
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    gonna be great! Those last two lines: UH….
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    Margaret Weis talks about the project briefly in the extras for this audio interview: Margaret Weis: Yeah. My daughter...
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    OGN! I can’t wait! 2) Okay… so… I… like he’s one of the people
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