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Jun 22 '11

DC says Superman canned due to kitten love; what would DC do to Wonder Woman?

So DC did a quick change on today’s issue of Superman #712.  The story was broken this morning by Jill Pantozzi of Newsarama. Then Chris Sims over at CA got to wondering if, just maybe, there were some last minute concerns with a Muslim character being featured in the issue so soon after the controversies about the French Muslim Batman, Nightrunner and Superman renouncing his citizenship. But then Rich Johnson at BC said it wasn’t a Muslim hero that caused the story being canned, it was Superman saving a kitten. Can’t have that in the “grim and grimmer” new world of DC.

The sad part? Based on what goes on at DC I could believe both stories. And that says something right there.

But if the problem is superheroes with kittens, here’s a kittenrific one (art by the wonderful Steve Rude).

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    WHAT I really hope there’s a third, more sane reason the book got canned. Why the hell shouldn’t Superman save kittens?...
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    Ugh, DC, you’re so damn dumb. The reason Superman is lovable is that he’s a total kitten-saver. He’s not gritty. Even...
  7. hazardoushero said: Both Hellboy and the Spirit love cats, and I don’t feel like either of those stories are less “dark” or “manly” for it. It’s quite endearing, actually. Then again, I am a GIRL, and DC clearly has no interest in maintaining MY readership anymore.
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    If this is true, it is the dumbest reason for shelving an issue I have ever heard.
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    I’m in.
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    My Redhead and I would actually be quite interested in joining you on this adventure. We were just talking about this...
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    Both stories are problematic. If it’s because of (re)introducing a Muslim superhero, then it’s racist. If it’s the...
  16. drunkenmonkstyle said: still, it was a heartbreaking Krypto story. And, since dogs > cats. Im all for it
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    I NO LONGER UNDERSTAND DC COMICS. Sane people of the Internetz, let us start our own superhero comic company with...
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