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Jun 23 '11

Sale on digital “Wonder Woman 101” comics

I get many, many requests from people who want to learn more about Wonder Woman or are looking for a place to start. Starting Saturday, DC is running a 48 hour sale on Wonder Woman issues in their digital store and a few of the titles I’ve recommend are on sale for $.99 an issue. That’s a good price if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to pick these up for cheap at a con or if your library doesn’t carry them.

This isn’t the selection I would have picked. I really wish they had included a run of some of her Silver Age and Bronze age issues as well as a few of the depowered “Diana Peel” issues. (Though they may be saving the latter for a sale tied to their RETROACTIVE series). And they, sadly, only have one Rucka issue. But there are still some great selections to choose from.

Here’s what I recommend:

• The Circle (issues #14-19) This was the start of Gail Simone’s run and features her take on Wonder Woman’s origin. It is my favorite take because of the emotion Simone brings to Hipployta and her quest for a child. It is also my favorite arc of Simone’s run.

• Gods and Mortals (issues #1-7) Perez’s origin for the pre-crisis Wonder Woman. Despite that it will may be decanoned in the reboot, it is a great way to get perspective on the post-crisis presentation of Wonder Woman. Perez’s art is so intricate and gorgeous I really think you need to be reading this on a larger device to get the full effect and impact.

•DC: The New Frontier (issues #1-6) Wonder Woman is just one of many characters in this, but if you haven’t read Cooke’s story this is a great deal. After you’ve read it read about the moment between Superman and Wonder Woman in the Most Memorable Moments for DC Women series.

•All-Star Comics #8 This is where it all starts; Wonder Woman’s very first appearance in comics.

• Wonder Woman #219 Unfortunately this is the only issue from Rucka’s run. But for those of you who have read about Wonder Woman’s neck snapp’n, voted the Most Memorable Moment for DC Women, but haven’t read the entire issue, this is it.

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