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Jun 26 '11

Potential DCnU full JLA line-up identified

When the new core JLA was announced on May 31, DC said the full line-up would expand. This morning a portrait designed for a SDCC exclusive glass revealed a line-up that looks like a new JLA although there are 15 members, one more than the announced 14. It’s important to note that this line-up has not been confirmed although the line-up includes two members that I had been told would be on the final team, Firestorm and Mera. Of course, my source could be wrong.

Here are the characters identified. The one character not fully identified is the blonde woman on the right. Black Canary makes sense as she has been part of previous JLA line-ups but she looks different than her appearance on the cover of the DCnU Birds of Prey.

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    Remember when the original JLA cover was released with one woman and one minority and we all went “LOL DIVERSITY” and...
  3. uppercut said: Does the Atom look a little Asian to anyone else? ….Ryan?
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    New Justice League
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    Not sure about this one …
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  8. subsistingonarsenic said: Could the white-haired woman on the right be Zealot from Wildcats?
  9. ludonarrative-dissonance said: Green Lantern? To me that looks like Green Arrow.
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  11. iappearmissing-bdkiaf said: You put Green Arrow as Green Lantern to the right there…
  12. venividivincent said: I think you mislabeled Green Arrow as “Green Lantern”
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    Green Arrow is mislabeled as Green Lantern >3>
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