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Jun 30 '11

New Wonder Woman items designed for younger fans

I’ve mentioned before the lack of Wonder Woman action figures targeted towards younger female fans. This recent set however fills that void.

Posed and ready for the next round of action come your favorite DC Universe superheroes and villains in a mini, highly collectible 2 1/4-inch scale. Ages 4 and over.

This site has the set for under $10. There are some other items of interest now available including a former SDCC exclusive.

There is a new juvenile book features Wonder Woman teaming up with Batman and Superman.

Starro the Conqueror has set his sights on ruling Earth … starting at the White House! With the president and his secret service agents under the cosmic control of this evil alien starfish, it’s up to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to bring an end to Starro’s plans for intergalactic domination.

This is available now on Amazon.

Last year’s SDCC exclusive Polly Pocket and her friends as DC women is now available for order at a price that isn’t eBay level - $19.99. This set is adorable (I got it for Christmas) and the perfect thing for a little girl or boy who you want to get into superheroes.

  1. kineticnovels said: Another Wondy design that deserves mention is the Wonder Woman cuff bracelet: Shockingly stylish for a company that constantly misrepresents its lady characters
  2. thehappysorceress reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I need to get all of this. Now. So I can start filling up the ‘Girls Love Heroes Too’ basket for this year’s auction!
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