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Jul 5 '11

J.H. Williams III on Batwoman: “a wild ride”

The Source has a new interview up with Williams and co-writer W. Haden Blackman and here are some of the more interesting bits:

How and why are you shaking up the series’ status quo?

JHW: It’s hard to say how much we’re shaking up the status quo for Batwoman because there is still so much to explore. However, this series will be the place to see more otherworldly aspects of the DCU. But don’t think we’ll be settling for just that. The series is going to be a wild ride over the first 3 arcs.

WHB: A big mantra for us with BATWOMAN is “There Is No Status Quo.” Since this is a new ongoing, we wanted to make sure that Kate Kane/Batwoman is always moving forward, always changing and evolving as the series progresses. We never want you to read an issue and feel like it doesn’t matter to the characters or that things can just easily “reset” after each arc. When we open, Kate is estranged from her father, embarking on a new romance, and trying to figure out if she’s mentor material. But by the end of the first arc, all of these relationships will have changed in some meaningful way.

I also like Blackman’s response to the question about the series “unofficial tagline” (Williams said “There is a reason that so many horrible things happen in Gotham”)

WHB: “It’s not a costume; it’s a uniform.” We keep coming back to this notion that Kate was trained as a soldier, and still views herself in that light. She dons the uniform to do a job, complete a mission. But under the mask, she’s always still Kate Kane — there aren’t two identities that she shifts between. What happens to Kate in her “civilian” life affects Kate as Batwoman, and vice versa.

Here’s another look at Amy Reeders variant cover of #1

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    This is definetely something I’m picking up over here. Cover looks awesome and I’m sure the artwork’s great, as well!
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    Seems like I’ve been waiting for this like 2 years!
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    There are exactly two things about the reboot that I’m not negative on: that Batwoman will fucking finally start up, and...
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