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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Jan 10 '14

The Best of 2013 for DC Women

Well that year happened. But before we continue on with the new year, I’m taking a look, as in past years, at the good and the bad for the women of DC Comics. This year I’m starting with the best because POSITIVITY! So let’s take a look back at 2013 and see what were some moments that made me happy. Click to look at 20102011 and 2012 picks.

And here we go!

In no particular order.

She’s BACK (although we don’t know her hair color yet) - After two years of question asking at cons, breakfast food campaigns and some hamfisted reverse haircoloring to ensure “the right time”, DC Comics announced that Stephanie Brown will return to comics in 2014 in the weekly Batman Eternal. We got our first look of Stephanie in her traditional eggplant in a teaser release for Thanksgiving. We don’t know much else about her in this world of the new 52 but I can’t wait to see her again (also bring back Cass!)


More female writers and two of them hit the top of the charts!
DC added a new female writer to its line-up of Simone/Marx/Nocenti this year with rookie Marguerite Bennett who made her debut with a Batman Annual and then quickly became a regular utility writer. The same month DC also published a Green Lantern annual with a female writer. Bennett’s debut in July was the 5th highest selling comic of the month. Amanda Conner is now full-time co-writing Harley Quinn and that book did even better, coming in second place for November and selling 114K copies. Keep ‘em coming DC.

Amy Adams as the Lois Lane We Hoped For.

Last year in my best of list I said I hoped Amy Adams would make this list. And she did. But it wasn’t just that she turned in a great performance which she did. But the very first image of Adams and Cavill together showed that Lois was going to be shown as an equal to Superman. 


Look at the pose and remember it when I publish my worst of list.

The awesome female led shorts on DC Nation!

The best place for the female characters of DC was on DC Nation. Last year we had the Catwoman of Shang-Hai and the amazing Super Best Friends Forever and this year we had another set of female-led shorts including Wonder WomanAmethystLois Lane and Thunder and Lighting. All wonderful.


A Lois Lane anniversary edition (and a one-shot announced)!

This was the 75th Anniversary of Action Comics and Superman AND, as some folks may have forgotten, Lois Lane. But fans didn’t and took to the net to ask that Lois be included. To celebrate DC issued a collection of some of her stories and also announced a one shot comic for Lois. (You can read my series for the 75th with interviews with her creators and some book authors here.

A new Batgirl!

DC Comics turned to Scott Peterson and Annie Wu to create an awesome new Batgirl for the Batman Beyond digital first series. Not only did we get wonderful art we saw a WOC in the Batsuit and saw her teaming up with former Batgirl Barbara Gordon and it was ridiculously fun. Please bring them back. 


 Target features Wonder Woman prominently in its marketing

This past year DC Entertainment and Target joined to together for a boatload of merchandise. And unlike in past years, Wonder Woman was heavily featured. They even did a TV commercial with Wonder Woman hanging with a woman who also wears booth. Hey I thought women didn’t like superheroes. 


It wasn’t just white and straight women!

The DC Comics world was a little less straight and white this year with books like Gail Simone’s The Movement, characters like Alisa Yeoh of Batgirl, the new female Atom - Rhonda Pineda and of course Batwoman. And that’s a good thing. We need more, of course, but I’m glad to see some movement!


Wonder Woman’s gonna be in a movie!

Not her own (more on that in the “other” list) but you know sometimes you just gotta take what you get.


Yes, Wonder Woman is in the Lego Movie! Oh I hear she’s in some Superman movie as well.

That’s my list - what would you add?

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