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Jul 7 '11

DC Female Creators at SDCC: Table for One, Redux

Last year when DC announced their schedule of panels at SDCC I did a post about how there was only one female on the DC panels.

And this year I can use the exact same headline because the schedule has been released and, yet again, with 17 different DC focused panels, there is exactly one female participant listed.

One. Uno. Ein. No big surprise, it’s Gail Simone.

Two years, same story. Jeez, you’d think they let Janelle Asselin or Bobbie Chase on one of the Batman panels.

Robot6 did an article on the lack of women and comics this past week. (Go read it, I get called a “hack” in the comments!)

The writer of the Robot6 piece and I have some very different opinions about superhero comics. She thinks:

There’s a coldness to superhero comics that I find off-putting, and they often bore me in the same way battle-action manga do.

We also disagree about comics for females need to be:

More conversations, less punching, fewer dead-eyed females and brokeback poses. Throw in more accessible art and less complicated continuity (something like Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier), and you could still make some nice solid comics

I like punching (ass kicking actually) and “less complicated continuity” as barrier is not really an issue for anyone who has ever watched any soap, daytime/nighttime or reality-based.

But we agree on this:

perhaps if more women were writing superhero comics, there would be more superhero comics that women would want to read.

Not just writing but drawing too, I think.

Table for one.

Flashpoint, one female creator

DCnU 52 books, 2 female creators.

Room for one more?

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