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Jul 13 '11

Is the classic Wonder Woman costume back in the DCnU??

Here’s the solicited cover for Wonder Woman #1 with art by Cliff Chiang

Here’s the cover to DC Comics “the new 52”, notice anything missing?

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    I got this! I got this! No pants.
  3. wednesday reblogged this from emilytheslayer and added:
    She’s just using the same technology for pants that she probably uses on her tablet and stuff. You get little dents...
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    Who had ‘September’ in the Pool?
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    I dig it.
  7. scottfogg said: I guess I’m the only one who likes the pants.
  8. experemint626 reblogged this from bunkitz and added:
    :3 oh please oh please oh please
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    DC is so fickle…
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  13. pentarch said: To be honest, I don’t get exactly why having pants is causing so much of an issue with people with Wonder Woman, yet other characters get bashed on for the simple lack of them, i.e. Psylocke. Either way, I do actually like her new iteration.
  14. ragnell said: Could you do me a favor and put a spoiler warning for your link to the Source blog? That’s a pretty big GL bomb dropped there.
  15. albinwonderland said: Oh hot damn!
  16. spandexandsportsbras said: Gee, that whole “pants” thing didn’t last long, did it?
  17. evillordzog reblogged this from captain-jaybird and added:
    I know, right? And they still have that fucking dumb choker
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    So, stupid chest-pokey things aside, I actually like the new Wondy costume. But the loss of the pants makes it look...
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I don’t even have more words than just PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE.
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    pants? Oh please, let it be true. I’m willing...let got the whole silver details and the...
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    Fingers crossed.
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