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Feb 5 '14

Some Familiar Names Return to DC Comics With Some New White Washed Faces

This week we saw the return of two pre-52 characters to DC Comics. Two characters who in the old 52 ended looked a LOT different.

Connor Hawke, son of Oliver Queen, took over the title of Green Arrow after Ollie died and became of the few men of color to headline their own book. 

That’s Connor Hawke as he appeared in the pre-52. Here’s who showed up using his name today in Earth 2.

The character, Red Arrow, was originally created by James Robinson and was clearly a Roy Harper analogue given his name, Roy McQueen.

And speaking of Green Arrow, in the old DCU Ollie used to hang out with one of the more awesome female characters that appeared in DC (and one of the few black women), Onyx Adams.

And here is Onyx today in Green Arrow

Sigh. Really? Really?

So not cool, DC. 

On the plus side we did see an awesome new Aquawoman today in Earth 2.

Bow lower Bats.

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