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Jul 13 '11

No pants! This is indeed the cover to Wonder Woman #1

This morning I brought you the image from the preview for DC Comic “The New 52” which featured this image:

DC has now confirmed that is the cover for Wonder Woman #1. So DC has once again pulled a fast one with Wonder Woman covers and costume changes ironically just one year later.

Is this permanent? Will she also be wearing pants on the cover of JLA? She’s in pants on all the SDCC promos.

Just this past week I ran a post saying that the pants were here to say. However, I had more than one source tell that might not be correct. And now it appears they may be right, although at this point this is only a cover.

  1. geekeryandhockey reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I honestly don’t mind the pants, generally speaking. I just think the overall design is crap and ugly. I don’t like...
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    ….. seriously? I really liked the pants D:
  5. fanoffandom reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    …damn, I liked the pants look. >_>
  6. katzedecimal said: ……………… i liked the pants :(
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  9. dcu reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Here is DC Women kicking ass to explain: I wonder why DC changed their minds?
  10. darrylayo said: This is ridiculous. AND HILARIOUS!
  11. theshriekmaster said: DC is following this blog and is trolling you.
  12. fenix-boden reblogged this from ragnell and added:
    Hmm I like that the shorts are back. Just seems right, however, I did like the new pants a lot and felt it fit with the...
  13. tashepard reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Darkseid has finally acquired the Anti-Pants Equation. #AntiPants
  14. ragnell reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    To be honest… Losing pants wasn’t a priority, but it just looks better. We’re too used to her. (I do like the option of...
  15. eggplantavenger reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    i actually liked the pants though i also like this too
  16. mtndewdette reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Augh. I liked the pants. I didn’t hate her classic design, but I was really happy to see something different happening....
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