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Jul 14 '11

Storyboards from Wonder Woman pilot

Earlier this week I posted the original sketch for Wonder Woman’s costume from the pilot and here are some original storyboards by Cesar Lemus.

This is Wonder Woman running through the forest on Themyscira.

Here’s an arena race

And finally a fight. Very interesting to see the costume here. This was the second costume with the red boots. If these are storyboards this costume would have been around before production began. If that is true (and the NBC president said there were three costumes and the designer said there the “bathing suit” was always going to be in the pilot) why did they ever release that horrid first picture?

via Film Sketcher

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    I am so upset that we won’t get to see this. It needs to leak. I don’t care if it’s complete garbage, I want to see it...
  3. bravebold reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    good question.That first pic the costume loooks like a cheap cosplayer.
  4. ealperin reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    God, that show had so much potential….especially with the final redesigned outfit. :(
  5. retro-nouveau said: Love the first image. Themyscira should always be about the size of Oahu, instead of Ellis Island we normally see.
  6. scottfogg said: It frustrates me that we’re never going to see this. Maybe they shouldn’t have released that one picture first. Maybe we should have kept our nerd rage in check. Maybe they shouldn’t have listened to the Internet. It might have been good.
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