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Jul 16 '11

Help bring back the Secret Six!

If you read this blog or listen to the podcast it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Gail Simone’s Secret Six. From their very first appearance in Infinite Crisis it was clear that this was a very different comic team. A more than worthy successor to the brilliant 90s team book, Ostrander’s Suicide Squad, Secret Six pushed the boundaries of violence and sex more than any other book at DC. Twisted, I think, is a good word to describe it. Through good writing and some of the best character dialogue in comics, it was able to walk the dangerously thin line between humor and drama. Comics is really a little worse off due to the loss of this fantastic book.

In my best of 2010, I named Secret Six the best ongoing series. And it was singled out for praise by others. IGN named it the second best book in the DCU. Over its three year run, it was the most reliably good book that came out of DC and one of, if not the most, LGBT friendly including a team leader who was an out lesbian. Issue #8, which features two dates, Ragdoll in the trunk of a car and a Tiny Titan’s like Secret Six, is one of my favorite “done in one” DC comics ever. But again, the whole run was pretty terrific.

If you haven’t read it, you missed out on some damn good comics.

Never a big seller, the Six did sell reliably from month to month which considering it wasn’t a Bat, Lantern or Super book says something. But sadly DC has canceled it in light of the DCnU. But there’s a chance that it could return. Simone has said she hopes to bring it back. And there are fans organizing for to happen as well with a petition. I’d also recommend that you write a letter to DC.

A few past posts on the Six:

Why they are my favorite DC team

A look at initial character designs and why I love Scandal

A look at issue #24

And a few panels:

King Shark begins a meme, a declaration of is sharkness, that would carry through to the most recent issue:

The Tiny Secret Six, with Tiny Ragdoll, literally the most twisted of the characters, dreaming about the Titans.

A page showing the gorgeous pencils of Nicola Scott on one of the first pages showing the terrifying villain, Junior.

And another page of Scott’s pencils focusing on the  relationship of Scandal and Bane:

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    The six easily rate as...Behind Miller’s Batgirl
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    I don’t feel that online petitions do much but I will reblog this one.
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    Yeah I’m just gonna. No. Secret Six is easily, EASILY my favorite monthly and I’m really sad to see it go, but I don’t...
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    awesome book. Please sign...saying you want this book back!
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  13. retro-nouveau said: I collected SS until Gail transitioned from writing WW, then I dropped everything. My only problem is that we see that their Earth is as despicably bad as any in the multiverse, that Bruce, Clark, Diana and the rest have been wasting their time.
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    This is up there in my favorite comic book runs of all time. So bummed it’s ending. I hope it can be brought back.
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  17. fcwp said: is this the DC version of Marvel’s “Thunderbolts (the team from Civil War/Secret Invasion)?”
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    I agree this is an awesome book.I hope the new Suicide Squad book lives up to this one.I see Deadshot & Killer Shark on...
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    oh hell yeah!
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