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Jul 18 '11

That Wonder Woman Pilot: No wonder this didn’t get picked up

I finally got a chance to watch the pilot for the NBC’s Wonder Woman. I had a mixed feelings on the pilot not being picked up. On one hand based on what was being reported and my reading of the original pilot it didn’t seem to represent the Wonder Woman I love from comics. But on the other, it was weekly Wonder Woman show. Better to have something than nothing. Right?

Wrong. This was awful. As much as I disliked the pilot script, it was better than this. What’s to hate?

  • She’s very violent. Very, very violent. She chokes people with the lasso and drags them across the floor. When she visits a suspect in the hospital despite having the “lasso of truth” (and throwing it on top of him as a threat), she resorts to violence and threats. And when he cries for help:

"Don’t do that, that bugs me. Certain sounds bug me. The cry of a baby. The bark of a dog. The snap of an arm." And then you hear screaming from the room.

  • The only sense of her motivation is revealed in a conversation with Steve Trevor. She wants to move to LA “because I can do a lot of good in this world of yours.” This despite having lived with Steve in New York for TWO years.
  • The dialogue isn’t any better than the pilot script. This is her speech after seeing the juggtastic Wonder Woman doll in a meeting and saying to didn’t agree to merchandise “my tits.” To which Etta replies, “Wonder Woman isn’t vulgar.”

"No Wonder Woman isn’t vulgar. Wonder Woman is perfect. Perfect tits. Perfect ass. Perfect teeth. … She always does everything right god forbid she’d make a mistake sorry we’d expect the world to think her human."

  • Did I mention she’s violent? There’s one moment in the pilot that made me say, “Yeah!” and that’s Wonder Woman doing bullets and bracelets down a hallway. But then she impales a guy with a pipe killing him.

And there was some of the crap from the pilot script.The two different personas are just silly. We never see Diana Prince interface with anyone except her cat. Instead of eating ice cream and crying herself to sleep after finding out Steve, the love of her life, is married she opens a Facebook account and names her cat as her friend. I. am. serious. It’s sad. If Wonder Woman wanted friends she just go out and make them, not sit around watching “The Notebook” eating chips on the coach with her cat.

The performances are all over the place. Palicki is very good. Tracie Thoms is adorable but has little to do beyond run her finger across an iPad and keep Diana on schedule. Elizabeth Hurley is campy as Veronica Cale. The big meeting between Cale and Diana is a filled with the subtle slashy subtext of a women’s prison movie. Cary Elwes is hammy

And the costume? Great Hera, the top is so undersized it was distracting. I kept wondering how many times she fell out of it. And the different bottoms? We are never told why.

The pilot sets up a dark, angry violent Wonder Woman who is lonely and has a goal of doing “good.”

I wish Kelley and the producers had achieved even half that goal because Wonder Woman so deserves better than this.

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    I saw the clips I could pirate. It totally blew.
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    died, even tracie thoms couldn’t...aside, how awesome would it be if tracie thoms played...
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    so disappointed.
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    I’m glad they didn’t make this a series then, sounds horrible
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    The violence of this makes me sad. And the cry of a baby and the snap of an arm?! Are you kidding me?
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    Had this been Huntress show,...really WW violent??
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    This would not be a Wonder Woman series I would want to see.
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    …well, that doesn’t sound so bad.
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    I just want to see my hero on the screen. Why is that such a difficult task?
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    I didn’t realize that Wonder Woman is really a female version of Batman (who kills people). Soooo glad this didn’t get...
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