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Jul 19 '11

Didio and Lee: More to come on the Wonder Woman costume

That interview on Newsarama was so long I making a separate post on what Didio and Lee said about Wonder Woman. And her pants.

Pants on, pants off. It’s like musical chairs. How will Diana end up in the DCnU?

Nrama: Jim, you just put Wonder Woman in the pants a year ago. Why the change back to the bathing suit/bloomers look so soon?

Lee: I don’t think anything has been officially announced in that regard. I think there have been a couple of interesting images online, but it’s something that we’ll discuss at San Diego Comic Con.

In the pilot I reviewed yesterday, Wonder Woman had three costumes that she seemed to wear based on … okay that was a bit of a sticking point.

But with Superman having two costumes - tee-shirt and jeans in Action and more formal apparel in Superman and Justice League, could Wonder Woman have two as as well?

  1. freesf reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    given the hoo-hah, ‘Pants Off’ variant covers are pretty likely, I’d imagine?
  2. triplej18 said: It’s the same image and in one she’s wearing pants and in the other she’s not. Why can’t they admit that? No they have to blame the big bad internet for reading to much into it…LOL I’ve lost a lot of respect for these two.
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  4. cemeterycake said: Am I the only one who loves her in a gladiatrix skirt?
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