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Jul 20 '11

Rewriting the history of the supermarriage by rewriting the history of the supermarriage

I did a poll yesterday on Facebook about them getting rid of the supermarriage. The overwhelming majority hated it. No surprise there. But it’s done. Gone. Finished just like J.Lo and her husband. DC even handed the news of the marriage that never happened over to TMZ, the chronicler of celebrity break-ups.

But as much as I dislike the marriage being dumped, I really don’t like when DC rewrites the history of the comic book marriage as a “stunt.”

Dan Didio on the supermarriage in the interview with ‘Ram

DiDio: Not at all. That said, I doubt they would ever start a series or anything where Superman was married at the beginning. You go back to when Superman got married, that was a stunt tied to a television show at that particular moment in time, and when that show ended, the marriage continued. But every other interpretation of Superman that followed did not have them married.

Wait. That’s simply not right. Superman didn’t get married because of the TV show. The road to the marriage of Lois and Clark in the comic book was planned before the TV show. This is well known recent DC history. From Wikipedia:

In a development based on events in Byrne’s revamp, Lois was already falling in love with Clark Kent, rather than with Superman. In a story arc titled “Krisis of Krimson Kryptonite”, Clark proposes to Lois; she accepts. Although the road was set for the marriage of Lois and Clark, an unforeseen event would change these plans.

Viacom had cancelled the Superboy television series produced by Alexander Salkind (Salkind produced the first three Superman films starring Christopher Reeve, as well as the Supergirl movie). Warner Bros., the owner of DC Comics, created their own Superman television series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, premised upon a romantic relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman. One of the ideas that arose during production was the wedding of Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman. Warner Bros. learned that DC Comics was planning a similar plotline in the Superman comic books, and as a result DC, Warner Bros., and the Superman writing staff came together and reached an agreement: the Lois and Clark wedding arc in the comic book would be put on hold, to resume once the Lois & Clark TV show reached its wedding episode.

And what storyline did the DC writers cook-up to delay the wedding? “The Death of Superman.”

This is what about talking about yesterday with the spin going on in this reboot. I’d rather they be honest and say, “We want Superman single so we’re getting rid of the marriage,” and not rewrite history to, well, rewrite history.

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    Yeah, I heard from someone they would be sued by like great grandchildren of the creators of part of Superman’s history,...
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    I hate everything about this. Call me a dork, but I loved The Wedding Album, and the Clark/Lois marriage is one of my...
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    Oh Dan Didio. Your careless statements make me want to quit DC sometimes. And considering my purchases are 80% DC, it’s...
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    DC, I am disappoint. Must be a day ending in Y.
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  17. drunkenmonkstyle said: you know, since they are starting from the beggining, I’m not really mad at the wedding. I love the wedding. I think it’s stupid to think you can’t write great stories with a married Clark/Lois. But,”more kal, less clark” did it for me
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    Doesn’t DC no longer have rights to Lois Lane and a few other key elements from the Superman franchise thanks to that...
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    . And if u watch the superman doomsday DVD special they say the tv show actually MADE them POSTPONE the marriage until...
  21. superheroeskickingass said: It’s amazing how much Didio sounds like Quesada when he was talking about the Spider-Man marriage being a stunt tied into the comic strip. That at the time Stan Lee the man who created Spider-Man wrote.
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    My hate for DC and the words used to try and explain this just makes me all ragey. Oh, DC comics:
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